As newlyweds living far from relative’s attics and basements we began buying antiques/vintage pieces to furnish our living spaces. At that time “antiques” were much less expensive and more plentiful than today since the post WWII generation wanted a new beginning, which included new items in their surroundings. We were and still are drawn to items that were handmade or designed. Many of these items came from needs – a warm woven coverlet, a door stop to let cool breezes in, a cupboard to house the crocks containing food for the winter and a table to serve supper on. As difficult as their lives may have been they still had a desire for beauty to enhance their being. Samplers taught young girls their alphabet as well as sewing skills. Crocks/jugs showed design and decorating skills. From the wood shop came both small and large items – a painted cup board – a Doll House – a wagon – or a box for spices. Even weather vanes were topped with a symbol that touched the owner’s lives.

Although we are looong past being newlyweds the items created by “simple folk” are still the ones that make our hearts sing. We hope that you too enjoy the “music”

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  1. I was looking at some of your vintage toy sewing machines earlier today t the Williamsburg Antique Mall and I was just wondering if you had more information on them (what year were they made, the model name or number for example).

    I’m particularly interested in the art deco style one and the Singers. Thanks!

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